SUNSKIN SMALL-V / Iron Liner & Shader

SUNSKIN SMALL-V / Iron Liner & Shader
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Evolution version made of Iron with black finish. lighter and smaller frame.
Each tattoo machine is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate of originality, completed and signed after each calibration and final test, and ensures authenticity. Sold with original case.

Each tattoo machine can be assembled and set up for lining or shading. The mechanical part makes the difference. The liner has 10 wrap coils while the shader and color machine has 12 wrap coils. Several combinations of springs and armature bars together with coils are crucial to obtain the different tunings.

- Frame resized and lightened, obtained from a single block of iron
- Hand made coils are assembled in our workshop reeling copper wire (OFC) on bakelite spools
- All binding posts are made of copper, and the contact screw is made of 825 silver
- Our calibrated springs are made of high-quality carbon steel
- New tube-vise closing system
- New back spring lock plate
- New rear binding post (innovative clip cord lock) for the best electric contact
- Weight: 220 gr. approx