The best way to heal your tattoos is with a product that is designed to heal and lock in your ink the fastest most effective way. A tattoo is not permanent until it is healed and your tattoo is a piece of art that will be with you for life. H2Ocean understands this and works extensively to offer you the finest aftercare and maintenance products for your body art investment. H2Ocean uses only the highest quality USP grade ingredients in all of their products to ensure consistency, safety and efficancy. H2Ocean is the best tattoo aftercare for your body art and is recommended by top tattoo professionals worldwide.

NOTHING Tattoo Glide and Soothing Balm w/Lidocaine
Professional Use Aquatat Ointment (8oz)
NOTHING Pain Relieving Soap
Aquatat Ointment
Extreme Tattoo Care Kit
Blue Green Foam Soap
Ocean Foam
Blue Green Liquid Soap
Ocean Care Cream